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There are many legal proceedings that require informing a defendant of the case being made against him and the upcoming court date. In fact, almost any legal action made against another individual requires that the defendant of the case be “served.” As your local licensed and insured process server in Phoenix, AZ, we have experience in a wide range of legal services. Below are just some of the many legal proceedings that require our professional process services:

  • Child support: When determining the amount of child support to be paid by each parent, the party that did not file must be served. A judge cannot make a decision unless both parents were informed that their presence was required in court. Should one parent not show up, the judge will typically rule in favor of the parent that did.
  • Civil summons or complaint: When a plaintiff files a complaint against another individual for damages or injuries, a summons must then be sent to the defendant informing them of the complaint and the court which will be handling the case. In these cases, a process server will serve the defendant and prove to the judge that the defendant was informed.
  • Divorce: Divorce cases require that the spouse being filed against be informed that the divorce has been filed and notified of the upcoming court date. In these cases, a process server not only ensures that the spouse is informed, but also protects the person filing from any immediate adverse reactions on the part of the spouse being filed against.
  • Forcible retainer/eviction: A forcible retainer is part of the eviction process, or is sometimes used to refer to an eviction. During the eviction process, you will be required to serve the tenant informing them that legal eviction actions are being taken against them.
  • Garnishment: Garnishment refers to monies taken from a person’s paycheck for several reasons, which may range from unpaid debts to child support. In these cases, legal documents are served to the defendant’s employer.
  • Harassment: An injunction prohibiting harassment must be served to the defendant to not only inform them of a court date for legal proceedings, but also to inform them of certain activities they are not allowed to engage in until the day of the court hearing.
  • Petition for supplemental proceedings: A petition for supplemental proceedings refers to a creditor’s request to discover if a debtor has any property or money that can be used to satisfy an unpaid debt. Again, the debtor must be served in order to proceed.
  • Small claims: These are instances where a defendant is being sued for $5,000 or less. The process server will inform the defendant why he is being sued, the court date and the dollar amount.

For most legal proceedings involving a defendant, it’s not only smart to hire a process server— it’s necessary. To ensure that your Arizona court case is handled properly and moves quickly, hiring a professional process server in Phoenix, AZ is a must. Get in touch with AZ ASAP, LLC to learn more about what we offer.

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