Legal Messenger Service and Commercial Delivery in Phoenix, AZ Are Available Through Our Company

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At AZ ASAP, LLC, we include commercial delivery in Phoenix, AZ among our service offerings. Even now in this electronic age, there are still circumstances in which a legal messenger is the best way to transport documents. Here is why you should consider us the next time you require assistance with the delivery or handling of legal documents:

  • Mail still has risks: Electronic signatures are becoming the norm, but there are legal transactions that require wet signatures. It can be risky to send these documents through the mail, especially if they are about sensitive matters that you would prefer not to become public information. Also, while it is uncommon, documents still get lost in the mail and that delays the conclusion of your legal matter. When a legal messenger is involved, the document is delivered without incident, and if it needs to be filed with the court, we can do that, too. It is like securing two errands in one!
  • Not everything can be electronic: Complex litigation is still heavy on the documents. Sending them electronically can prove burdensome to servers, and managing documents as they arrive through multiple emails becomes challenging. If you requested documents that were never converted to electronic format, it is just as easy for the other party to photocopy as it is for them to scan and email them. Sometimes, the easiest way to secure documents is to keep them in paper form and arrange for their delivery. In many ways, boxes are still the best way to manage large numbers of documents.
  • Provides urgency: Sometimes, you need to reduce contingencies. Sending a vital document through email requires that you rely on the other person to check email, print the document and provide you with a signed copy. However, printing the document and arranging for its signature via a legal messenger reduces barriers that could delay finalizing a matter. Think about the times you had a client going abroad or facing other deadlines that made concluding a case urgent, with little room for error. You are more likely to accommodate these needs if you require person-to-person interaction through a messenger.
  • Services are affordable: The base fee for deliveries is $25, with fees tacked on when there are more than four legal boxes or heightened urgency. Since you are likely handling other case matters while we are performing the delivery work, you will soon make up for our fees with the billable hours you can accumulate by not being concerned with delivery or securing signatures.
  • Streamlines service of process: Part of our legal messenger service is case filings. We can pick up a signed complaint and other paperwork from you, file what we need to with the court and then start planning to serve the other party. This allows you to delegate more to us, so you can save time and money while also assuring your cases start sooner.

When you need a legal messenger or commercial delivery in Phoenix, AZ, we hope you’ll call the experts at AZ ASAP, LLC.

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