Understanding the Skills Mastered by Process Servers

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There are many reasons why professional process serving in Phoenix, AZ is preferred to less skilled approaches. It eliminates any suggestion of conflict of interest and delegates work from your office or client. However, process servers also offer skills that may not be present if you assign this task to other individuals or professionals. Here are the skills process servers can offer to your practice:

  • Persistence: Litigants may attempt to avoid service of process. While this merely delays the inevitable, there are still people who think this is a good course of action and will do anything to avoid a process server. Local law enforcement often receives requests to affect service of process, but they often lack the time needed to make multiple attempts. Private process servers have the time and resources to be persistent. If surveillance is required to figure out the right time to serve the other party, that service is also available.
  • Detachment: Decisions regarding service must be made on logic and facts rather than emotion. If your client arranges for a friend to affect service, there is a risk that that person may decide not to get involved and will not only avoid serving the party, but may even sabotage service as well. As an individual without any attachment to the people or the case, a private process server is more likely to finish the job. Also, the lack of emotional attachment means never taking it personally if they are threatened, ridiculed or caught in a heated situation.
  • Knowledgeable of procedure: Process servers are trained in civil procedure for state and federal courts. It is not uncommon for a defense attorney to move for dismissal of a lawsuit due to inappropriate service of process. That makes affecting service correctly very important and not a job to leave to amateurs. You risk dismissal of your case—assuming you ever get the other party served at all.
  • Focus: Service of process often requires understanding the other party and knowing his or her habits. It is difficult to work that into your practice when you have so many other elements of a case to address. Process servers often need to watch people first to understand their schedules and any aggressive traits that may lead to danger. It can take time to make these observations before attempting service, which is why you will do much better with a dedicated professional.
  • Communication: All good process servers are excellent communicators. If an address is incorrect, they will be the first to inform you so you can track down the party through a DMV search or other means. The same is true if the process server discovers other information, such as a party being out of town for a while or deliberately avoiding service. Since there are deadlines for when you need to serve a party, this information is invaluable for assuring you meet those deadlines and other court requirements.

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