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I did not sign for the documents.

Service of Process does not have to be signed for.


I refused service and did not touch the documents.

Refusing service does not mean you will not be served. The documents can be placed near you. They do not have to touch you to have valid service.


I did not give my name.

Many believe that refusing to provide their name or giving a false name will prevent valid service.  Sorry, service is still valid.


If I avoid service, it will eventually go away.

Not always true. Alternative service can be ordered by the Court.


My child is under the age of 18, therefore cannot be served on my behalf.


In the state of Arizona, a minor, of reasonable age, can be served on your behalf. Although ‘reasonable age’ can be debated, if you feel your child is responsible enough to be left home alone or be in charge of other children, they can be considered of ‘reasonable age.’


My name is not right.

Regardless if your name is misspelled, you don’t go by that name any more or the documents state Jane/John Doe the service is valid.

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