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What should I provide for the Process Server?

1. All the documents that were filed with the Court.
2. As much information about the person you want served as possible.
a. Description – Sex, Ethnicity, Hair color, Eye color, Age, Height, Weight, Any other distinctive


b. Photo (if possible)
c. Any alias’ they may use
c. They are scheduled
. What Vehicles they have – year, make/model, color, license plate number
e. Who else may live at the house
f. Are there dogs and any other animals of concern
g. Are they prone to violence
h. Do they have firearms
i. Any other information that will assist the server with their safety and in getting your
documents served

What should I expect from the Process Server?

1. Verified Credentials
2. Professional appearance and behavior
3. Knowledge of the laws and standards for the type of documents that are being served
4. Updates with their progress on your case
5. Proof of service or non-service of work completed
6. Billing invoice/receipt for services

How much will it cost?

Just like any other service, fees vary. It is wise to shop around to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Make sure you know what you are getting for your money.

1. How many attempts will be provided
2. Will they file the proof of service with the Court or will you be responsible to file it
3. An invoice that breaks down what services you are paying for

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