Civil Process Serving in Phoenix, AZ

Process Server Phoenix Phoenix AZ

Process serving is an important part of any legal proceeding. Having legal documents delivered to the party they’re designated for in a timely and professional manner means facilitating next steps, no matter what legal action may be forthcoming.

Not just anyone can execute process serving, however. The service process in Phoenix, AZ requires tact, professionalism and, at times, no small amount of perseverance! This is why it’s so tremendously important to trust an experienced civil process server in Phoenix, AZ. Having documents delivered on time, to the appropriate party, in a legal manner makes all the difference in your ability to move forward with legal action.

For more information about our abilities as a process server or to inquire about the service process in Phoenix, AZ, please contact us today by calling 602-423-0830. Regardless of what documents you need served or to whom they’re being served, we’re ready, willing and able to assist you.

The civil court will expect you to know and follow proper court procedure during the life of your case. Step one is to file the summons and Complaint with the court. This marks the formal start of your case. Filing a court action requires a payment to the court clerk. Check with the court clerk about filing fees. Different types of civil law actions carry different filing fees. The court clerk will file stamp your documents. Make sure that you take extra copies of the summons and Complaint for file stamping.

A civil action can involve any or all of the following:

  • Money is owed
  • An injury to a person
  • Property damage
  • Property recovery
  • Someone believes their civil rights were violated
  • Employer/employee issues
  • Any action that couldn’t be heard in criminal court

Registered Agent Service of Process

When a business or individual is authorized to accept service of process on behalf of a party named in a lawsuit, they become a registered agent. Our process servers make daily civil process service rounds to registered agent offices located in Phoenix and Maricopa Arizona.